Ingrid specialises in working with adults, children with special needs and with performers. As well as teaching at the Melbourne Feldenkrais Studio, Ingrid works as a Movement Therapist at Warringa Park School and offers home visits for families with children who have special needs. Ingrid teaches Feldenkrais at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne University) School of Dance as part of the Integrated Body Mind Practices unit.

Ingrid has been working as a certified Feldenkrais practitioner in the Arts since 2002 and in Allied Health since 2010. Ingrid is a Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer.

Ingrid's Feldenkrais practice is informed by her twenty year career as a professional dancer. Her movement teaching skills have evolved from a study of contemporary and classical dance training, yoga, contact improvisation and physical theatre. Ingrid has taught at several performing arts institutions including the National Theatre Drama School, Monash University and the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University. She teaches movement for actors and singers, basing her teaching in the Feldenkrais Method.

Utilising all of her movement skills, Ingrid integrates a strong sense of play, spontaneity and creative exploration into her work. Children respond very positively to this. They are often eager to participate, engage with great joy and learn to their greatest capacity. Based on fundamental developmental movements, Ingrid facilitates movement exploration that is fun and safe and helps the child discover and experience movement possibilities that were not easily available to them previously. 

Ingrid works with all people who are interested in improving their ability to move, and who understand that when you improve the way that you move, you also improve the way you feel, sense and think.

Ingrid is a certified member of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild


Ingrid Weisfelt

“Ingrid approaches her work in Feldenkrais with a sense of empathy and enthusiasm for your individual requirements. 

The results that I felt during sessions and continue to feel months after show her to be a highly skilled practitioner with a thorough understanding of the performer's body and how Feldenkrais can be so effective- She is wonderful!”

Aimee, Singer.