Movement begins with a simple weight shift, a reach, or a push against the floor.

Through gentle touch and floor based play, children are assisted to discover and explore developmental movement patterns to increase their sense of ease, increase their mobility, their independence and their ability to engage in their world.

By gently improving the coordination of:

  1. Bending

  2. Arching

  3. Rotating

In all planes of action:

  1. Mid line

  2. Wheel Plane

  3. Frontal Plane

  4. Table Plane

Articles to read:

Allied Health:

As a Movement Therapist at Warringa Park School since 2010, Ingrid has had the opportunity to work with children with a whole range of physical and intellectual disabilities. Ingrid works within an Allied Health team that has a multi-disciplinary approach. She works with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Physiotherapists to work towards meeting the physical, communication and sensory needs of each individual student.

Movement Therapist:

In her private practice, working closely with parents, Ingrid can help children to feel more comfortable in their body, move with greater ease and move their body to the best of their ability.

Home visits:

Ingrid offers home visits for families with children with special needs within a 20km radius of the city.

Through gentle touch and floor based play, children are assisted to discover basic developmental movement patterns to increase their mobility, independence and ability to engage in the world.

Touch and Move with the Feldenkrais Method

Willem: Moving towards independence with the Feldenkrais Method

Baby Boot Camp!


Jack has a vivid imagination and loves stories and imaginative play. This lesson is supporting Jack to connect his intention with his action in a way that is difficult for him to do just by himself. This imaginative play makes this complex and challenging physical work fun and meaningful for him. Jack is learning how he can flex in his hip joints, knees and ankles while pushing with his arms to move into a crawl position. At the end he is so captivated by our play together that he easily brings his head erect into a momentary kneeling position. 

We explore:

  1. Rolling

  2. Knee walking

  3. Bear walking 

  4. Rocking

  5. Reaching

  6. Pushing

  7. Weight Shifting


  1. Creeping

  2. Crawling

  3. Squatting

  4. Climbing

  5. Pulling

  6. Balancing

  7. Breathing