“We act in accordance with our self image”

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais method is an awareness based training method and can be used in conjunction with other physical and voice based lessons for performing artists.

The Feldenkrais method predominantly trains our ability to attend to our movement; developing our sensorimotor system while at the same time improving our functional movement skills.

Physical skills development: There is a huge range of lessons to practice, ranging from breathing lessons to judo rolls and headstands. Gain strength, coordination, better posture, tools for more effective breath, more efficient movement, flexibility and movement pathways to transition from the floor to standing and to moving through the space with ease.

Processed based:The  journey of discovery is more important than the actual achievement of the goal. This sits well with all creative practices. Developing continual improvement in the way that you do things, not only what you do, equals more skill and less will.

Awareness based: Developing skills for true self evaluation and reflection based on sensorimotor feedback. Building flexible minds, not only flexible bodies.

Ingrid has taught movement for actors and singers at the VCA schools of music and dance, Monash University, The National Theatre Drama School as well as internationally at theatres and companies including TanzTheater Basel and Cologne State Theatre Co.

Ingrid has had an extensive national and international career as a performer and theatre maker. For information on her more recent theatre projects visit:


To read “An insight into the adoption of the Feldenkrais Method’s principal of constraint to create the new Australian Dance Theatre work: Intimacy” by Ingrid Weisfelt published in The Feldenkrais Journal (Page 73):




Kialea-Nadine Williams and Chris Scherer in “Madam” by Torque Show