The Dancers Series

The Dancers Series is a 12 part series of lessons designed specifically to support the movement education of people training to be professional dancers. It has a focus on helping dancers find greater release, clearer connections, and improved efficiency of movement. 

This series is open to all levels and can be enjoyed by non dancers as well.


  1. 1.    Freeing The Hip Joints

  2. 2.    Roll To Reach

  3. 3.    Activating The Core

  4. 4.    Baby Bear Rolls

  5. 5.    Discovering The Spine

  6. 6.    Sitting Towards The Heels

  7. 7.    Coordinating The Flexors And Extensors

  8. 8.    Opening The Arms In Side Lying

  9. 9.    Powerful Arching

  10. 10.    Baby Alligator

  11. 11.    Flying Mermaid

  12. 12.    Perfecting The Self Image

$9.50 each


$80 for 12 lessons


The Dancers Series: Introduction

  1. 1.    Freeing The Hip Joints

  2. 2.    Roll To Reach

  3. 3.    Activating The Core

  4. 4.    Discovering The Spine


The Dancers Series: Intermediate

  1. 1.    Coordinating The Flexors and Extensors

  2. 2.    Opening The Arm In Side Lying

  3. 3.    Powerful Arching

  4. 4.    Baby Bear Rolls


The Dancers Series: Experienced

  1. 1.    Baby Alligator

  2. 2.    Sitting Towards The Heels

  3. 3.    Flying Mermaid

  4. 4.    Perfecting The Self Image


Watch this short video for tips on how to get the most out of your ATM practice 


"These lessons are a wonderful and ingenious way to connect with yourself through movement.

While it’s titled a dancers series, I found the lessons easy and delightful to get involved with from my non dancing background.

What Ingrid does so well is to invite participants to tap into their own sense of somatic artistry (in a very down to earth way). Her voice conveys encouragement to trust my own body’s felt knowing of figuring out the movements so that they suit me and I love that! I get up off the floor feeling restored and inquisitive.

Thanks so much Ingrid."

Anna Condos

It’s really well presented and led. I am finding the movements are freeing the tension in my muscles. Sylvia French (

I have really enjoyed a growing awareness of how my body moves and that as this awareness grows, my mobility and flexibility increase, surprisingly quickly.Thank you. Jane Gregory (

Nicely paced and easy to follow with clear instructions leading to many movement insights. Kevin Laing (

Very clear and well presented. Michelle Dixon (